Blessing Box

What is a Blessing Box?

The concept is simple. The Blessing Box is a miniature food pantry at 213 West College Ave. It is for receiving items from those who want to donate and offering to those who need them. Whether taking or giving, you can use the Blessing Box. There is no lock on it- it's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Who is the Blessing Box for?

The Blessing Box is for neighbors helping neighbors. 

How does this Blessing Box differ from other food pantries?

  • The Blessing Box is small, so it cannot stock the quantity and variety other food pantries can. For this reason, it should not be relied on for meeting every need.
  • Many food pantries require application before use and have set hours of operation. Anyone may access the Blessing Box at any time.
  • Food pantries operate as service providers, those who use them as clients. The Blessing Box gets rid of that boundary. Whether stocking or taking items, everyone approaches the Blessing Box the same way, hopefully removing the shame accompanying need.
  • Food pantries are critical in addressing food insecurity. But some fall through the cracks. The Blessing Box is a safety net.

How do I help stock the Blessing Box?

The Blessing Box is stocked organically. Those who wish to contribute may do so whenever convenient for them. Demand outpaces supply, so the Blessing Box is often empty. However, empty shelves are problematic only if no one is contributing. Just so you know, irregular supply is an effective control, keeping both consumption and traffic manageable. Irregular supply minimizes loitering as well.

Overall, the Blessing Box is a way to Bless your neighbors, not a food pantry replacement. 


Please be mindful of the Season

  • In Summer, nothing that would spoil quickly from the heat.
  • In Winter, nothing that might freeze and become damaged.

Please be mindful of the Safety

  • NO SHARPS (razors, needles, etc.)
  • No chemicals (harsh or dangerous cleaners, etc.)

Please be mindful of Space

  • Items will only be accepted in the Blessing Box
  • NO donations of clothing 


Please be mindful of Sharing: -

  • Take what you need, but understand that the Blessing Box is meant to support food pantries, not to serve as a replacement
  • Please keep attempting to keep the Blessing Box as clean and organized as possible so others may find what they need.