Cross Connection

Frequently Asked Questions

A cross-connection is a direct arrangement of a piping line that allows the potable water supply to connect to a line that contains a contaminant. Under abnormal conditions, backflow into the public water supply may occur.

Because of the potential for water in a private plumbing system to flow back into the public water system in some conditions, we require some locations and equipment/facilities, such as irrigation systems and swimming pools, private wells to have "backflow prevention" devices.

Backflows may occur when there is a decrease in pressure in one part of the public water system due to a main water leak drawing water from hydrant(s) during firefighting operations.

The most common cross-connection in our area are private wells, lawn irrigation systems, and ordinary garden hoses.

All residences who choose to utilize both public water supply and an additional well will be required to install an approved Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly, as shown below.


All residences that utilize lawn irrigation systems must protect the public water supply by installing an approved Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly, as shown above.

Some household plumbers and most lawn irrigation companies are certified to install a reduced pressure principle.