Beverage Board


The Beer Board regulates the sale, storage for sale, distribution for sale, and beer production in the Town.


The Beer Board comprised the City of Friendsville  Board of Commissioners and Mayor.


The Board meets when circumstances arise or makes a request to consider action. Meetings are open to the public. Board Meetings take place in the City Hall Building, 213 W. College Ave, Friendsville, TN 37737.

If you wish to apply for a Friendsville Beer/Liquor Permit, please download the appropriate documents listed below as it pertains to your situation.

BUSINESSES: If you are opening a new business or there is a change in name or ownership to a current business, EVERY individual who owns a five percent or greater interest in said business needs to complete the “Application Form.” There is an accompanying “Information Form for Businesses” which highlights the application process and explains what must accompany the application before submission. The “Information Form” MUST be signed and turned in with the application. 

SPECIAL EVENTS: If you are planning a Special Event where you wish to sell beer, please complete the “Application Form” as well as the “Information Form for Special Events” which highlights the application process. The information form must be signed and turned in with the application. 

ALL APPLICANTS need to review the “City Code” document that pertains to alcoholic beverages.

The Friendsville Beverage Board only when a Beer/Liquor application has been submitted. The deadline to submit an application is two weeks prior to the meeting you wish to attend. Once applied the Board will meet on the first Thursday of the month. If you have additional questions please contact City Recorder Janet Ledbetter at 865-995-2831 ext.101.

Friendsville Beer Code Ordinance

Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission - Licensing Information

Contact Info

Phone: (865) 995-2831

City Hall-Beer Board
213 W. College Ave
Friendsville, TN 37737
See map: Google Maps

Meetings - When: As Needed

Meetings - Where: City Hall

Beer Board Meetings


Name Title
Steven Cardwell Mayor
Sandra Bell Vice-Mayor
Margaret Maze Commissioner
Shane Rogers Commissioner