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It's the beginning of something great!


In the late 2000s, There was an Optimist Program in Friendsville. It was overseen by two dedicated individuals, Bill and Beth Pyle. Together, they ran the program for over twenty-five years, and during that time hundreds of children participated in the program. As time passed, interest slowly declined in some sports, and children moved to other programs. However, the basketball program continues to stay strong with participation. Saturday mornings during basketball games, you will find Bill and Beth still committed to the program, running the concession stand or giving high-fives to the kids.

In 2023, long-time youth administrators Bill and Beth Pyle kicked off the program's first spring tee-ball season. Given their dedication, it was fitting that they would oversee the first season.

The program will officially kick off in the spring, with over eighty-five kids signed up to play Wittle Weague for four- and five-year-olds and Tee-ball for kindergarten to second graders. 

The recreation program aims to give community children an outlet to be kids. Positive sports can benefit a child in many ways and teach healthy participation. Friendsville will offer various organized sports activities for children of all ages and abilities as time passes. Children can participate in sports such as flag football and soccer regardless of their skill level.


Mission: To provide a variety of recreational programs and opportunities that are cost-effective and that enhance the quality of life for Friendsville children and adult residents, while providing a safe and healthy community environment in which to live through the provisions of recreational programs and facilities.

Vision: We engage Friendsville citizens to discover the extraordinary, create memories, strengthen the community, and experience the highest quality of life.

Safety: We care deeply about the safety of our community members and visitors. When the playground was built, the city followed several guidelines and regulations, including ADA safety and accessibility standards.

Accessibility:  Our goal is to allow everyone, including persons with disabilities, to take advantage of the park system and its offerings. We strive to make parks with accessible facilities and adaptive equipment available for everyone.






Parks and Recreation

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Evan Melhorn Certified Youth Sports Administrator
Andy Vineyard Certified Playground Inspector