Parks & Recreation Program

It's the beginning of something great!

The City of Friendsville is proud to offer a year-round sports program. The program is up-and-coming, with new activities to be added as time permits. The goal of the recreation program is to give community children an outlet to be a kid. Positive sports can benefit a child in many ways and teach healthy participation. Friendsville will offer various organized sports activities for children of all ages and abilities as time passes. Regardless of their skill level, children can participate in such sports as flag football, soccer, and tee-ball.

Safety:  We care deeply about the safety of our community members and visitors. The city follows several guidelines and regulations ADA safety and accessibility standards, when building our playgrounds. 

Accessibility:  Our goal is to make it possible for everyone, including persons with disabilities, to take advantage of the park system and its offerings. We strive to make the parks available for everyone with accessible facilities and adaptive equipment.

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Playground aerial view

Parks and Recreation

103 N Farnum Street, 
Friendsville, Tennessee 37737

Department: Parks & Recreation
Name Title
Evan Melhorn Certified Youth Sports Administrator
Andy Vineyard Certified Playground Inspector